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If you are aged between 55 and 65 you are a pre-retiree

It's never too late to start planning forYour Future

We help our Pre-Retiree clients to clearly identify the lifestyle they want after they leave work and to prepare their finances to get them on the right track for retirement.

Our clients are confident that when the date of their partial or full retirement arrives, they know what income they will be able to draw, they know what lifestyle they will be enjoying, and they know how long their funds will last.

Let's work out what isMost important to you

What's important to you about retiring?

During an initial consultation, at our expense, we will agree upon the key issues that you feel may need attention in your finances.

We then ask questions about all aspects of your financial life, including your short, medium and long term goals. We will help you understand the appropriate investment for your personality (i.e. high risk, low risk or a mix of both).

Combining knowledge of your situation and our experience, we can give you an on the spot assessment about opportunities to improve your circumstances.

What outcomes might be expected?

Once you have asked us to move forward and provide formal advice to improve your circumstances, we will give you written recommendations that meet your identified objectives.

Our Pre-Retiree clients who have been through this process say they have a clear understanding of what needs to be done to be able to retire when they want.

At the end of the process, these clients have typically commenced a salary sacrifice arrangement, may have utilised a Transition to Retirement strategy, have adequate reserves, and have diversified investment portfolios that match their risk profile to maximise their financial security in preparation for their impending retirement.